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Ecomaniacs is non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth and adults through education and a call to action to participate in an environmentally responsible community

An estimated 75% of trash is recyclable but we are recycling less than 30% regionally. Ecomaniacs is dedicated to increasing this rate. Across the nation, recycling has increased through the implementation of Single Stream method of collection, but no recycling program succeeds without continuous and effective education efforts.

We address this problem with our Summer Event Program, showing good recycling habits and litter prevention to around 660,000 event goers per year in the Sioux Falls area. Ecomaniacs volunteers visibly pick up litter and interact with event-goers to mitigate litter issues and increase event recycling rates to an average over 30% total waste.


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Join us in spreading recycling awareness!

All groups and individuals are welcome to volunteer. If you are a verified Non-Profit organization, you can even raise funds!

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The Ecomaniacs Summer Event Program

When people see trash on the ground daily, they become blind to it. We are less likely to pick it up and recycle correctly if we aren’t sure how or why. We’ve teamed up with big summer events in the Sioux Falls area to provide litter cleanup and demonstrate good recycling habits.

Ecomaniacs and its sponsors can be seen teaching the community about recycling and litter prevention at these fun, outdoor events. We invite volunteers to join us in cleaning up litter and offer a donation to any non-profit of their choice in return for their efforts.

The Ecomaniacs Education Curriculum

Our community’s children are our community’s future. We work to educate our youth on environmental topics that go beyond the mandated curriculum standards. The Ecomaniacs partnered with the City of Sioux Falls to develop School Curriculum Kits offered to classrooms free of charge that match and support the required standards in schools. These valuable educational kits provide hands-on learning with curriculum, activities and handouts that have been specifically designed for different age groups.

Visit the City of Sioux Falls website to learn more.

We need your support!

Our program takes education a step further by placing youth and adults out in the community picking up litter and teaching local event-goers how to recycle. The best way to reduce the impact our trash has on our future is to teach people to dispose of their waste responsibly, and we need your help to do it.


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