Tool Kit


Ecomaniacs Handbook

Review the Ecomaniacs Handbook for all rules including age limits, what to expect, and volunteer guidelines.



All volunteers must sign an annual waiver before participating in Ecomaniacs. For Adult (18 & Over) Volunteers, fill out the waiver HERE. For Volunteers under 18, a Parent or Legal Guardian must fill out the waiver HERE.

Verify your NFP

All groups receiving a donation must be a verified Non-Profit organization. Group leaders must fill out this annual verification form HERE.


What is Single Stream?
Sioux Falls implemented Single Stream recycling city-wide in 2012. It is the fastest growing trend in recycling and allows mixing recyclables together instead of separating. This page lists commonly asked questions about Single Stream. Just click on a question to see the answer.

What is Accepted?
This page shows types of things we can recycle in the Single Stream. Many people ask questions about what types of materials are recyclable. This is a great resource to review.

Where Do I Take This?
Some items that are not accepted in the Single Stream can still be recycled, or have a better way to dispose of them than the landfill. This page is a visual tool that shows you where different items can be taken for proper disposal in the Sioux Falls area.